Mercyhurst University

      4+1 Program Application Form

      The following application is intended for a Mercyhurst University undergraduate student intending to take graduate credits during his or her undergraduate years. You should be at least a sophomore before filling out this application. The earliest you may begin taking graduate credits as an undergraduate student is the fall semester of your junior year.

      Acceptance into the 4+1 program does not guarantee acceptance into the graduate program of your choice. You must still formally apply for admission into your graduate program of choice, preferably before March 1st of your senior year.

      Finishing a master's degree within one year of completing your bachelor's degree requires you to take 6-12 graduate credits during your undergraduate career and, in most cases, complete some summer course work. An academic plan for completion will be made once you are admitted into the 4+1 program.

      Expected Date of BA/BS Completion